About us

Native Grasslands alliance at a Glance

....A unified voice promoting native vegetation

The Native Grasslands Alliance (NGA) was formed in 2019 to advance the adoption and utilization of native grasslands vegetation in working landscapes, while recognizing the importance of remnant and restored native grasslands . NGA builds upon the concept work of the Natives First Coalition, whose goal was to advocate for a voluntary, non-regulatory native vegetation policy in USDA programs. While such a policy has yet to be adopted, specific language promoting the use of native vegetation was included in the 2018 Farm Bill Conference Report.  After this historic initial victory, Natives First Coalition members and invited industry representatives gathered for a summit meeting, where they decided to continue pressing the cause with the formation of a more formally organized and diverse group, the Native Grasslands Alliance.

Membership in the alliance is open to any group, organization, or agency that supports and advocates for the increased use of native grasslands vegetation on public and private lands. Individual member organizations will maintain their own primary area of interest and messaging, but work collectively to expand the awareness, acceptance, and adoption of native grasslands vegetation. The NGA will not speak for the group as a whole on issues and positions, but will coordinate opt-in opportunities with individual members.

Alliance members will use their collective resources to affect policy, research, technical education, and awareness surrounding the conservation benefits of native grasslands vegetation by participating in working groups:

  • Policy Working Group – will identify state and federal policy obstacles and develops strategies to address them.

  • Research Working Group – will review existing science and highlights important research finding to support other working groups and identify gaps in knowledge.

  • Technical Working Group – will provide information and delivery mechanisms to educate and inform technical advisors and landowners.

  • Awareness Working Group – will work to expand overall awareness of the value of native grasslands vegetation.